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WirelessED Widget

Link to Wireless Education

There are multiple ways you can link to us. You can use the WirelessED Widget, create your own image, or just provide a text link back. We've provided quick instructions below.

  • Use our widget. All the coding has been done for you. Just select, then copy from the input box on the site, and paste it on your website. You can place in your sidebar or anywhere you like.
  • Create Your Own. If you have your own designer or webmaster, you can create your own image file for WirelessED and link to
  • Text Link. We love text links, as well. To display this: Wireless Education (WirelessEd). You can copy and paste this code:

    <a href="" title="Learn More by Visiting WirelessEd">Wireless Education</a><small> (WirelessEd)</small>

Copy the code below for use on your web page.